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    Roland Versaworks to CMYK

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      I was wondering if someone could give me the CMYK or Pantone numbers for some Roland Versaworks colors. They are RVW - PR10D and RVW-PR06F. Thanks!!

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          G.Hoffmann Level 4

          If you own Versawork, then you can take the Roland Color Library and put it into Illustrator,

          like any other library. There are videos in the Web, it works as usual.

          If you don't own Versawork, then beware of downloading from obscure sources.

          In Illustrator you can read (hopefully) the Lab values, as it happens for Pantone since some

          years as a standard.


          A couple of swatches can be exported for Adobe Exchange (*.ase). This file can be opened

          in Photoshop and converted swatch by swatch into any other color space, for instance into

          the CMYK space as defined by Color Settings.


          I don't have access to Versawork, and I think that this color library is just another promise

          for wonders, whereas anybody can easily define swatches by Lab, as long as we are not

          talking about metallic or fluorescent or varnish spot inks.


          Best regards --Gernot Hoffmann

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            rafaels62244494 Level 1

            is there a way to convert the color swatches into photoshop