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    Why can't I pick another target as 'stage'?


      First: I'm a beginner in Adobe Edge.

      My idea is to have different buttons with different actions. Why can't I select other targets than 'stage'. When I choose the action 'click' and 'play' it plays the whole timeline. What did I do wrong?

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          Journey214 Level 1

          Hi,  If you want to select other symbols on your stage try clicking on the "stage" button (in your screen shot)

          and if you have other symbols/objects on the stage they should populate.  Otherwise depending on what you want to achieve with the click function you might want to learn how edge works with these objects.  Visit: Adobe Edge Animate CC JavaScript API for more information on how to target symbols from within other symbols.  You can also find out where symbols are at in their independent timelines with something like this (within the compositionReady):




          if (sym.getComposition().getStage().getSymbol("exampleSecond").getPosition() > 5) {


          alert("position is greater than 5");


          }//this ends the if statement





          If you want to manage multiple symbols/animations with different click functions, it may be better to make use of the compositonReady function. use.png