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    Do accessibility features transcend InDesign upgrades?


      I have just moved from CS5 to CC, and I'm wondering if one of my large project documents will inherit the page structure accessibility items from CS5 or if I need to re-create in CC. My largest project is a 112-page graphic-intensive document which requires accessibility features in the final PDF format. In CS5, I took the time to add alt text for graphics by editing in the page structure, and mapping the paragraph styles to proper tags. Now that I'm using Adobe CC, do I need to revisit this information and change the process of how it's done, or will CC inherit the accessibility details from previous versions? It seems to me there are problems when it comes to defining artifacts and tagged elements. According to InDesign CC, if an item is left OUT of the articles panel it will not be tagged, but in the page structure a graphic can be defined as an artifact which will also cause it to be untagged. Since there was no articles panel in CS5, how does the page structure interact with the articles panel - which takes precedence when deciding if an element is tagged or not?


      Thanks for your time.