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    Myraid Pro Fonts


      Hello - I wanted to be able to use Myriad Pro fonts (Regular, Semibold, and Bold) in PowerPoint, so I asked one of our graphic designers that's more familiar with acquiring fonts than I am to acquire these fonts for me. He did. I have tried both installing them and straight copying them into my Windows Fonts folder. They load within this folder, BUT I still can't access them from PowerPoint. PowerPoint is still only showing the Myriad Pro, Myriad Cond and Myriad Pro Light versions that originally displayed before I tried installing the other versions of the font. I have PowerPoint 2013. I can't find anything to indicate that Regular, Semibold, and Bold will not work with PowerPoint, so I'm wondering what the possible issue could be and why PowerPoint is not displaying the newly installed Myriad Fonts. I had our IT guy take a look, but he's not sure either. At the same time that I installed this Open Type font, I also installed a new True Type Font. PowerPoint is ready that font just fine. I'm not sure if this is a compatibility thing or not, so writing to both Windows and Adobe to try to resolve. By the way, The File version of Myriad Pro that I'm trying to get to work (just in case that matters) is 2.106. Anyway, appreciate any assistance you can provide.

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          John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You need to post in the Microsoft Powerpoint forums.


          These are the Adobe forums.

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            scbarbe Level 1

            Yes, BUT the fonts are Adobe Products. If there's an Adobe restriction, writing Microsoft will do me no good. AND, as I noted previously, I am indeed writing to BOTH forums.

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              pwillener Level 8

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                MiguelSousa Adobe Employee

                This is something that gets Windows users confused on a regular basis. There is nothing wrong with the fonts; what you're seeing is standard behavior for font menu lists on MS Office apps. Let me explain.


                In many Windows applications, instead of every font appearing on the menu, fonts are grouped into style-linked sets, and only the name of the base style font of each set is shown in the menu. You can see this with the Times New Roman fonts, for example: there are 4 fonts installed — Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic — but only the Regular, i.e. the base style, is displayed on the font menu. How does one get to the other styles? By pressing on the B and I buttons.


                The Myriad Pro family works the same way; the Semibold fonts are style-linked with the Light fonts, and the Bold fonts are style-linked with the Regular (and Italic) fonts. So to get the Semibold, you first need to select the Light font on the menu, and then press on the B button. Similarly, to get the Bold font you first need to select the Regular font.