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        zetokore Level 1

        You sure you don't have 12.01?  12.1 fixed it for me.

        • 121. Re: Slow typing in DW CS6 / OSX?
          AAlanC Level 1

          Its 12.0 - 5842


          Since Adobe is slow updating the hardcopy buyers I am seriously looking at alternatives for editing and building web sites.

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            Preran Adobe Employee

            If you have installed Dreamweaver CCM update (12.1), you should no longer face this issue. If you have 6.1 update installed and are still facing this problem, let us know. For users that are not on the cloud, Adobe is working towards a release that addresses this issue.

            • 123. Re: Slow typing in DW CS6 / OSX?
              ndekruijk Level 1

              Thank for the feedback Preran, but updating to 12.1 is causing other issues, see my post on previous page (Files Panel stealing the focus from document window on file transfer).

              It has been confirmed by your team and was wondering what the status is. For me it is so annoying I reverted back to the 'slow' 12.0.1 version and won't update to 12.1 until I know how te prevent the focus stealing.         

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                the_deuceII Level 1

                After searching for hours and subsequently finding this thread, I too updated to 12.1.  Unfortunately I am still experiencing the lag as mentioned by the OP; however I am using a Late 2011 Macbook Pro - 500g hard drive, 8gb ram, and Mountain Lion.


                It seems as though there is some sort of input lag on the code-view only (I typically don't use Split or design view).  Anything I can try in order to reduce this hinderance?  Or am I pretty much stuck with it until the next update is released?  There is no reason that my computer should not be able to handle Dreamweaver in text view slower than Photoshop and huge images therein.

                • 125. Re: Slow typing in DW CS6 / OSX?
                  Janaki Lakshmikanthan Adobe Employee

                  Hello All,

                  High CPU usage in Code view issue has been resolved for Mac and the new build 12.0.3 is available for update for Non-Creative Cloud Members too. Please update to the latest build.


                  In Dreamweaver use menu 'Help' > Updates to get the latest build 12.0.3

                  The above update is available for both Windows and Mac.



                  Off topic: Creative Cloud users too have an update 12.1.1 to continue using Phone Gap from DW.





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                    ndekruijk Level 1

                    Nice, but still the Focus changing when saving (and auto uploading) files still isn't fixed!!!!

                    Getting really annoyed and thinking about getting my money back. DW is the app I used to most from my Creative Cloud package but it's getting very bad! Still need to revert back to 12.0.1 because I can't work with 12.1 because of the files panel stealing focus.

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                      ndekruijk Level 1

                      Because my focus annoyances is a bit off-topic I made a separate topic here: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1114628

                      • 128. Re: Slow typing in DW CS6 / OSX?

                        Since the last cloud update clicking between documents takes about 5 seconds and 'find and replace takes an eternity to go through pages also.


                        My websites take twice as long to build!


                        Using fluid grids.


                        Macbook Air June 2012 model.

                        • 129. Re: Slow typing in DW CS6 / OSX?
                          Klahane Level 1

                          I have DW 12.0 Build 5861 and Help > Updates shows no updates available. Your message indicates an update was available three months ago.


                          In this site, http://acp.eugraph.com, if I open a page and double click on a word in the text, I can count to four slowly before the text is highlighted. In Activity Monitor, I can see DW go from 15% CPU to 99% during that time. Scrolling is also very slow.


                          In this site, http://onh.eugraph.com, trying to select text in an ApDiv is also very slow. Furthermore, if I double click an ApDiv, it takes some three seconds to select the Div and expand the text. Again, I can see DW go from single digits to the 90s.


                          Dreamweaver is the only app that behaves this way and also the only app that crashes on my iMac. Photoshop, InDesign, Aperture (with 43,000 photos), etc. all work great.


                          This is on a 2010 27" iMac 2.93 quad i7 with 16 GB RAM and more than 600 GB free space.

                          • 130. Re: Slow typing in DW CS6 / OSX?

                            Hello All,


                            I think that Tag Selector is causing this delay when scrolling or typing as I tested and figured out.


                            Here is a solution with my notes: http://www.zeeshanarshad.com/dreamweaver-slowsdelays-when-typing-or-scrolling


                            - Zeeshan

                            • 131. Re: Slow typing in DW CS6 / OSX?
                              Klahane Level 1

                              I can't duplicate the issue you discuss in code view. Whether my cursor is in the body or out of it, scrolling is normal.


                              The problem I'm reporting is in Design view, where clicks, typing, selecting are all very slow.


                              It's now mid July and my Dreamweaver 12.0 Build 5861 still reports no updates available.

                              • 132. Re: Slow typing in DW CS6 / OSX?
                                Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                You can get the 12.03 update below:



                                If you're not a Cloud subscriber, that's the last available update.


                                Nancy O.

                                • 133. Re: Slow typing in DW CS6 / OSX?
                                  Klahane Level 1

                                  Thank you for the link to the updater. I'll post after I've tested it. The notes don't say it solves the delays and 95% CPU issue in Design view.


                                  Is your note that it's the last available update for the standalone version official?

                                  • 134. Re: Slow typing in DW CS6 / OSX?
                                    Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                    I know of no other updates for the perpetual licensed version. If one is sent out later,  it will appear on that page.


                                    I have not experienced the problem you describe.  I think it's a Mac only issue. The  12.03 update contains several bug fixes.



                                    Nancy O.

                                    • 135. Re: Slow typing in DW CS6 / OSX?
                                      Klahane Level 1

                                      No joy with the updater.


                                      Maybe I already had 12.0.3, but the main About box doesn't report the full version.


                                      Get Info now reports

                                      • 136. Re: Slow typing in DW CS6 / OSX?

                                        So, can anyone on this forum or at Adobe confirm that these issues are solved in the current CC version? Looking at what's fixed in the current CC version, I see slow typing as an issue that was fixed.

                                        Anyone want to confirm?

                                        • 137. Re: Slow typing in DW CS6 / OSX?
                                          vharis Level 4

                                          @habronattus :


                                          Based at the response we got from you guys i.e Users , Yes we have improved the typing performance in the latest available version of DW i.e 13.2

                                          • 138. Re: Slow typing in DW CS6 / OSX?
                                            • Windows 7 Pro, SP1, 64-bit
                                            • DW CS6, v 12.0, build 5861
                                            • 3.6GHz Xenon, 16GB RAM
                                            • Kingston SVP200 SSD 240GB, 113GB free


                                            I get this slowness problem but only when editing text with more than 500 or so Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese characters.  The more characters I have, the longer it lags.  Typically I work with docs that have 2000 or more characters.  The CPU never goes higher than 13% when it hangs.  I have this problem when adding tags, copying, pasting, just basic things. I get spinning blue circle, somtimes fades to white, no less than 8 sec each time.  I have no problem with docs that have Lantin-only text.  Working in UTF-8, no character encoding declaration (using DW to edit and then copy and paste into a CMS).

                                            • 139. Re: Slow typing in DW CS6 / OSX?
                                              stephenhart@mac.com Level 1

                                              Check out this similar thread.Re: Dreamweaver CC slow typing performance [ awfully slow ]


                                              Here's the setup I'm commenting on in the other thread:

                                              Dreamweaver 2014.1.1 6982

                                              5K retina iMac with a 4G i7, 32 GB RAM, AMD Radeon R9 M295X 4096 MB, 3T Fusion drive with less than 1 T used. But it looks the same as previously when using Dreamweaver CS 6 on a 2010 27" i7 iMac with 16 GB RAM. No other app on my iMac has any such problem.


                                              Any html file long enough to require scrolling is painfully slow to scroll or to edit text in. To be precise, I'm talking about seconds of delay for every action. This happens even in a new, almost empty site with a new, almost empty css and a new DW 2-column template with no changes except to copy and paste some text so it's long enough to require scrolling.

                                              I'd love to find that there's something in my setup I can fix, but this has remained the same since DW CS 5.



                                              Not only that, but Dreamweaver CC crashed twice in a row today while I was editing a Spry menu. After the second crash, I stopped and saved the document every few minutes, and was able to continue.

                                              • 140. Re: Slow typing in DW CS6 / OSX?
                                                stephenhart@mac.com Level 1

                                                I believe I've solved the problem with very slow behavior in Design view.

                                                I created a new Test User and opened a problem html file. The file behaved normally, with no slow scrolling or typing.

                                                I copied Dreamweaver CC prefs from that account to my shared folder.

                                                Back in my usual user, I replaced the Dreamweaver CC prefs file with the newly created one.


                                                Yes, this is the simplest, first stop solution to problems one user has when others don't. But I don't see how Dreamweaver CC picked up an old or corrupted prefs file, as I completely uninstalled Dreamweaver CS 6 before installing CC.


                                                It may work just as well to merely delete the Dreamweaver CC prefs when Dreamweaver is not on.

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