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    "The importer reported a generic error" JPEG file


      Keep getting "The importer reported a generic error"when trying to add media (JPEG file) from Elements 13 organizer into video editor?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What version of Premiere Elements and on what computer operating system is it running?


          What happens if you import the jpeg into Premiere Elements Editor using Premiere Elements' Add Media (or Get Media)/Files and Folders and you leave Elements Organizer out of this?


          Did the jpeg import without issue into Elements Organizer? Can you open the jpeg thumbnail in the Elements Organizer to view the jpeg? What prior edits have been applied to this jpeg? What are its pixel dimensions?


          Please review and consider and supply more information for us to help you.


          Thank you.



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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            True, neither Photoshop Elements or Premiere Elements support jpeg files with the CMYK profile.


            I am not at my home computer right now. So, I cannot double check the following first hand....


            The CMYK involvement would seem unlikely since you apparently have imported this problem jpeg into the

            Elements Organizer. I would think that if Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements did not support the CMYK profile, neither would the Elements Organizer.


            I will look into that first hand as soon as I can The quickest way to rule that factor in or out would be for you to give more details.


            Looking forward to your follow up.





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              joef80304019 Level 1

              I have Adobe Premier Elements 13 running on Win 7 professional....64 bit OS. I can add the file into Organizer (no error) and have tried to add media into the video editor both through the organizer and directly from file but get same error. Yes I can open and view the JPEG in the organizer. Not sure of prior editing applied to JPEG...how do I determine that? Pixel dimension 1820 x 1769.


              What is CMYK profile?





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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                I am back at my home computer and have confirmed that

                a. You can import a jpeg with the CMYK color profile into the Elements Organizer 13/13.1, but you cannot into Photoshop Elements 13/13.1 nor Premiere Elements 13/13.1.


                So, it is quite possible that your jpeg were saved with the CMYK color profile. What is the CMYK color profile? Please see description

                CMYK color model - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


                Do you have Photoshop Elements 13 or other or Photoshop?


                If you have Photoshop Elements 13, then File Menu/Open and navigate to the jpeg with the suspected CMYK color profile. If it does have the CMYK color profile, Photoshop Elements 13 will not accept it but will offer to convert it to RGB. If that happens, you will know for sure what the cause of the problem was.