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    PayPal changed their recurring setup in May 2012  - will Adobe update integration?

    DAVIDFON Level 1

      So I have been trying to set up recurring invoices on my site for over a week with no success. In working with Adobe support - they have really gotten no where this past week just saying - it looks like it is set up correctly - but I still get failed payment on recurring orders saying "no credit card on file".


      So when talking to PayPal - just to make doubly sure I was set up correctly on that end, they informed me that in May of 2012 - they changed how they handle recurring billing. The regular PayPal recuring billing stopped taking on new customers - only those set up Prior would be allowed to continue as they support it in "Legacy" only. This is the Gateway where it asks for credentials like the Api and API Signture from paypal account as referenced in the KB Article. http://kb.worldsecuresystems.com/833/cpsid_83333.html


      New clients, were set up instead on PayFlo system - that they bought from Verisign in 2005. ( This is the alternate Paypal Gateway offered through BC). This gateway uses the same credentials used to log in to manager.paypal.com - which is Username, Password and Partner. No API or signature etc.


      However - when I try to use that one - BC gives me an error message when trying to do anything with recurring billing saying that this gateway doesnt support it.


      So - is it safe to say that BC needs to update their API integration on these two? And that until it is fixed - Paypal is no longer an option for recurring billing through BC? - Or can someone elnighten me on how to get this to work?


      Has anyone set up a new paypal account since May 2012 il now that works with recurring billing in BC? or done so for a client?


      I dont want to have to change everythign over to Authorize.net - but it looks like I may have to.