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    Not able to login with AEM 6.0 Configuration

    Chaitanya96 Level 1

      HI All,

      After Migrating to OAK  (CRX3) Repository i am unable to login and getting as below error

      Also I configured Jackrabbit Oak LdapIdentity Provider, Jackrabbit Oak Default Sync Handler and Jackrabbit Oak External Login Module


      So basically i am not getting Login(welcome) Screen but I could able to login to OSGI console


      *ERROR* [qtp1173581562-32] com.day.cq.auth.impl.LoginSelectorHandler requestCredentials: Abort login due to apparent misconfiguration.

      *ERROR* [qtp1173581562-32] com.day.cq.auth.impl.LoginSelectorHandler requestCredentials: Possible reasons: login page not existing or not accessible


      Inputs would be Appriciated!!!