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    Create a filtered list based on the selection in another field? URGENT HELP NEEDED




      Hoping someone can help me with something I am working on. i am fairly new to creating forms in acrobat (know how to us the full range of very basic features) but I have now found myself needing some help.


      i am producing an order form, and I need to create a filtered dropdown list based on the value selected in another field.


      basically, when a user select the company chooses their Business Name from a dropdown list, I would like their deliver address to self populate. In some cases there may be a few options for the company delivery address so in these cases the second option would be a dropdown list of the options available for that company.


      i have attached a screenshot, it is the Fields "Business Name" and "delivery Address/Delivery Postcode" that i would like to be linked so that the option in Business Name filtered the options in delivery Address


      Hope someone out there has the time to help me with this, i am using Acrobat Pro DC

      many Thanks



      Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 10.58.47.png