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    Change the background on all pages with buttons


      I have created buttons to change the background of my website to give the visitor the option of what is easiest for them to read. But I am not able to get it to set for all the pages at one time and hold the setting. Does anybody have an idea of how to do that?



      <div align="center">



              <input type="button" value="Beige" onclick="newbg('Beige');"><br/>

              <input type="button" value="Blue" onclick="newbg('#b0e0e6');"><br/>

              <input type="button" value="Gray" onclick="newbg('#dedede');"><br/>

              <input type="button" value="Green" onclick="newbg('#bedfc4');"><br/>

              <input type="button" value="Lavender" onclick="newbg('#e6e6fa');"><br/>

              <input type="button" value="Rose" onclick="newbg('#ffe4e1');"><br/>

              <input type="button" value="Tan" onclick="newbg('#f5deb3');"><br/>

              <input type="button" value="White" onclick="newbg('#ffffff');"><br/>

              <input type="button" value="Yellow" onclick="newbg('#ffffe0');"><br/>