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    Photos app to Lightroom


      I tried out Apple's new Photos app and it grabbed iPhoto and Aperture libraries. I don't  like Photos and I want to get those photos into Lightroom. Any ideas how to do that?


      I already moved an Aperture library on another computer months ago, using a third-party tool. Now I have to figure out how to move an iPhoto library on my wife's computer into her new copy of LR, since she tried and disliked the new Photos.  But when she tried it it grabbed her iPhoto library. I can still run iPhoto on her computer, so I could export all the files then bring themm into LR.

      Is there a better way?


      I recall there was a tool Adobe developed for this purpose but I can'ta find it o n the website.


      Any ideas?


      David K

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          davidk11199758 Level 1

          Whoa! I found the plug in --

          And it was able to find the iPhoto library (whether in or out of the Photos library I don't know)

          and it's now importing it


          so, a refined question. will iPhoto "events" come over as tags? I'll find out.


          The third party tool I used for Aperture did a lot of maneuvering to bring Aperture