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    create a reader?

      Can Flex be used to create a desktop reader like Adobe Reader. I am creating an elearning program for high school students. The problem with Adobe Reader is that if you make changes to it, then the students have to buy Acrobat.
      I need to make my own desktop reader that I can use for my learning program so I can send them my reader for free.
      Can Adobe Flex ( or any other Adobe products) be used to create my own desktop reader?
      Thanks for your time!
      51, Calgary, Canada
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          peterent Level 2
          Flex applications, when run within the Flash Player hosted by a web browser cannot read or write files to the local disk. It is a security feature of the Flash Player.

          Flex applications run in Adobe AIR (see labs.adobe.com for more information) can read and write local among other things. I'm not certain if AIR comes with a PDF reader/writer, however. You'd have to make up your own format otherwise.