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    ExtendScript in PPro : Clip-names


      Using ExtendScript, I am trying to access the clip-names of a track, and I can't figure out how to do this.

      Here is what I am trying:



      Result: [object TrackItem]


      Result: undefined


      Result: duration,start,end,type,mediaType,__proto__


      Result: __proto__,__count__,__class__,reflect



      Result: bind,unbind,setTimeout



      What am I missing?


      The context is:

      We have a process in the studio, in which we use a track with clips representing the shot-names and their duration on the timeline.

      We use this information later to insert the duration of the shots to our pipeline's database, as well as extract audio files for each shot, to be inserted to 3dsmax for lip-sync purposes.

      Our current process involves exporting an EDL and then processing it externally.

      This has some issues we want to avoid, so I want to have this process happen within a custom-tool inside PPro.