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    Today is the Day (according to PC Mag UK)

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      Lightroom 6 is released today, according to PC Mag UK

      http://uk.pcmag.com/photo-editing-reviews/41231/news/adobe-lightroom-gets-face-recognition -hdr-more


      Major New features: Face Recognition, HDR, Panorama, Speed Improvements  (plus other enhancements)



      Is Adobe really mathematically illiterate, or is it PC Mag? The article claims "the Distort effect is a jaw-dropping 7,931 percent faster", which is mathematically impossible. If a Distort action took 3 seconds in Lightroom 5 and 0.01 seconds in Lightroom 6, that's 99.67% faster. You can't have a number that is greater than a 100% speed improvement, because that implies a negative time for an action.

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The math is fine. 


          “Faster” indicates operations/second whereas your two numbers are seconds/operation so you need to divide the reciprocals: 


          0.01  seconds/operation is 100-operations/second. 


          3-seconds/operation is 0.333333-operations/second.  


          100/0.333333 = 300 times or 30,000% faster.

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            Let's look at a car that WAS traveling 50 mph which has now accelerated to 100 mph.  It has doubled its speed.  How can we describe that in percentages?  There are three options:


            "The car's speed has increased by 100%" (50mph + 100% of 50mph = 100mph)


            "The car's speed is 200% of its original speed" (100mph / 50mph = 2)


            "The car's speed was 50% of what it is now" (50mph / 100mph = 0.5)


            I think people get really confused about percentages like the above because all three phrases are correct despite very different percentages.  It all comes down to the wording, which describes how you're comparing the two numbers.

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              whsprague Adobe Community Professional

              At  the bottom of that UK link is a YouTube with J Kost explaining facial recognition.  I would assume we will be seeing her training videos for the rest of the features real soon now.