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    Highlights in pulldown menus

      I've been recording a software tutorial using Captivate 3 in Demonstration mode. When I record selecting an item from a pulldown menu the resulting recording isn't correct. What Captivate records is the item highlighting before the mouse actually clicks on it. Anyway to correct this?
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          mo@tufts Level 1
          This sometimes happens to me, also. What I have done is pause when the pulldown menu comes down, then pause while highlighting the item in the menu before actually clicking it. This usually gives Captivate a chance to "catch up" and record everything. It often results in superfluous screenshots (of the "pauses"), but you can just delete those slides and everything should be seamless.

          I hope this helps.
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            KCWebPlaza Level 1
            Or, for just use the manual capturing mode (default is PrtScn) to capture drop-down menus. You can use this even if you are recording a movie using autocapturing.