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    Printing problems on Macs

      Hi there,

      I'm trying to finish this mega project i'm working on : showeaver.com

      There you can design a room and place your furnitures, etc. Since you can build your own walls, you can design it the size you want.
      You can also print your setup. That's where I have a bug.
      Under windows, the print is fine. But with the Mac player, when printing large rooms (I mean, large MovieClips...) the printer rasterize at very low resolution...
      (By the way, weather or not I put {printAsBitmap:false} in myPrintJob.addPage(), it is printing it as bitmap... only on mac)
      The Question:
      Is there a way to tell the Flash Player how much memory to allow to the print job?
      Isn't there a secret parameter that I can set?

      By the way, go take a look at the application, it is worth the glance
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          Same problem here. I created a dynamic product list and used the printjob class to prepare the pages for the printjob. The printouts look great when printed from a Windows PC but they can hardly be read when printed from a MacIntosh. The pictures look ugly, too.
          Next idea was to build a php page with several SWF files pulling their content from a database dynamicaly so the user can printout the website. Didn't work because Firefox doesn't printout SWFs :-(
          Any help on the MacIntosh printissue is highly appreciated.