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    Adobe Reader XI (11.0.10) Update options and Firefox



            I checked to see if my Firefox plug ins were up to date and received a warning that my Adobe Reader plug in was vulnerable and needed updating. However it lists the 'Status' as which I think is the latest version (Secunia PSI that checks for vulnerabilities lists my Adobe Reader as up to date with When I attempt to update Adobe reader from the red button on the Firefox plug in check page the only version update I am offered by Adobe is for Reader 10.1.4 English UK for Windows and the download ends with an installation error stating that I 'already have a more functional product'. This will be the Adobe Reader XI  ( I know I have installed and Adobe Reader itself confirms that that there are no updates available. I was going to try downloading the Adobe Reader updates listed in downloads but there are two options listed:  Adobe Reader 11.0.10 update Multilingual (MUI) installer 35.5 MB and  Adobe Reader 11.0.10 update All languages 43  MB. I am not sure what the difference is or which to use and there is no indication in Help > About Adobe Reader.


      I would appreciate it if someone could advise me about this issue and whether I do indeed have the correct and up to date version of Adobe Reader and why Firefox states it is out of date and I am only provided with an up date for Adobe Reader  version 10 ( 10.1.4) ?  This is my first post in Adobe forums and I only have fairly basic computer skills and knowledge. Thanks.