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    help, Photoshop to revel

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      i received the following email last year but it went in my spam so I missed it. originally we had adobe 3.2 starter edition but it was updated in 2010.

      The photos were held on a laptop which is broken but we backed up onto a hard drive. we now have a new laptop but can't retrieve the photos.

      What can I do to retrieve them? I'm beside myself as they are all my family pictures including baby to first day at school.

      Dear Customer,

      This is a friendly reminder that on 18 June, 2013, Photoshop.com storage and sharing services will close and your assets will no longer be accessible. We offer a similar service - Adobe® Revel™- and we'd be happy to move your account to Revel.

      It's easy – we just need you to do a few things:

      Please confirm that you'd like us to move your JPEG photosand your account to Adobe Revel.
      If your library contains file formats other than JPEG photos, please be sure to download your complete Photoshop.com library before 18 June, 2013, as Revel doesn't yet support the following file types – any video, PSD, RAW, ACR, PNG, TIFF. Archive now.
      If you choose not to have us move your photos, please be sure to download your complete library before 18 June, 2013. Archive now.
      We are committed to supporting you throughout this transition to a new technology – Adobe Revel. Currently, Revel gives you more access to your photos than ever before – on the web, iPhone, iPad and Mac. And this is just the beginning – we are planning to support additional platforms, as well as, popular file formats beyond JPEG and video. We are committed to delivering frequent Revel updates and to continually pushing the envelope to create the best experience for reliving your memories wherever you are.

      Get answers in the FAQ.

      Thank you for your patience during the move.

      The Adobe Photoshop.com and Revel teams