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    Using Blurb as a publisher: Lightroom Book module

    KateMann Level 1

      I hope it is okay to discuss this topic. I have used Blurb to publish several books. I have not used Lr's BOOK module as it seems cumbersome. This is a general question regarding the quality of Blurb's output.


      Last Monday I received an order of ten books from Blurb. I had ordered the same book a total of four times before, during the past month. I get more printed when I sell out my stock.


      The first four printings were great. They exactly matched my calibrated monitor.


      Unfortunately the last order arrived totally different from all the others. They are oversaturated generally and tending toward yellow. They are too ugly to sell, and unacceptable. I immediately brought this to Blurb's attention via their customer service section of their web site. I received an answer from a rep the next morning. She needed a detailed description of the problem. I replied. The next day she wanted photos of the good and the bad books. I sent them. The next day she wanted to know the order number of the last good run. I sent it. I also told her that I thought it was time for Blurb to deal with the fact that they had sent unacceptably printed books. Today she offered to reprint the last order for free. She said that the problem was in my file and to fix it before I ordered the books. She was not specific. I have sent them the same file five times. Four times the books printed perfectly. I have not changed the file. I don't think she has any idea of what she is talking about. I replied asking her to tell me precisely what was wrong.


      So I did some research. Apparently there are many people who are upset with inconsistent results from Blurb. I wonder if anyone has encountered the same sort of inconsistent quality from Blurb. If so, what did you do about it?