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    Can pay for adapting Flash / AS

      Hi there
      I have a fairly good grasp of Flash and Action Script, but would like to offer you some money if you can adapt some Flash work and action script for me.

      It's an MP3 playing playlist that's been developed but i'd like to reduce some of it's functionality and add a little bit more.

      It works on having a separate .SWF file, .AS file and .XSPF file (for the playlist).

      To see it currently in action, please click on here http://musicplayer.sourceforge.net

      It's the "music player extended" - there you can also download the files too.

      If you feel confident you could make some changes to it, please email me at james@keepholding.com, then i can give you more info, a mocked up final image design and sort out a price.