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    Sound has no valid device sound path although exporting device sounds was requested in the export settings. This sound will be ignored.


      I have bopped around the forums here for a while now, and while other people seem to have had the same problem as I am having in the past, I come to find that all of the solutions that have worked for others, do not in fact, work for me.


      I am running Flash Professional CS6 On an Acer Aspire. 4 Gigs of RAM, 500 Gigs of HD.


      The exact problem that I am having is as follows:


      I record a sound bit in Audacity, Export the sound as and MP3 File on my main computer Hard Drive.

      go to File>Import>Import to Library, I locate the file that I had created, then select it to be imported to my Library.


      I then create a new layer in my timeline, Label it as sound, place a new key frame into the timeline layer at the place in the animation that i hope the sound would start, set the audio sync to stream instead of event, then press CTRL+ENTER, which initiates the Test Movie function.


      At this time, the "Output" box Pops up and it states,


      "Sound has no valid device sound path although exporting device sounds was requested in the export settings. This sound will be ignored."


      No sound is played and i cannot, for the life of me, figure out why. I have tried all the troubleshoots that i can find online. I checked the publishing settings and nothing is being Overridden, I've attempted to untick the "export device sounds" option, but it is grayed out and cannot be toggled. I have attempted switching the MP3 format sound clip to a WAV format sound clip. I have attempted to re-recording the sound clip and re-importing the clip to the library. I have checked my computers speakers and everything is in working order and i have even checked to see if other projects sound works.


      I pulled up a previous project that i had finished a while back that had loads of sound imported the exact same way and it all works exactly as i expect it too. The sound plays, there is not "Output" box claiming an issue. It seems that the issue, whatever it might be, is stuck to this project itself.


      I have even started a new project, imported and placed both the MP3 and the WAV files into the sound layer created, CTRL+ENTER, and it works just fine without problem.


      If there is anything that i might have accidentally messed up in this projected that you know about, like settings that may have been changed that would cause such an annoying and seemingly unfixable issue, please let me know. I really do not want to loose this project over such an utterly stupid error.