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    Problem with catalog and storage of pictures




      I think I have made a small mistake. Normally when I import pictures I have an external hard drive attached where the "main" location of the pictures is.


      However, I might have imported some time without this drive. So now I have a problem:


      - the "main" pictures are saved some on the hard drive of the laptop with which I work and some on a external hard drive



      How can I normalise this? I.e. discover which pictures have the back up in which location and have everything pointing to the external hard drive?




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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There is nothing wrong with having images spread over multiple hard drives. It isn't a problem as far as Lightroom is concerned. However, if your own organization plan needs to have everything on a single drive there are a couple of ways to do it.


          The first option would be to move the folders from the internal hard drive to the external hard drive. When you next open Lightroom it will tell you that the folders are missing. Here are the instructions on how to correct that:

          Lightroom thinks my photos are missing - how do I fix it? | The Lightroom Queen


          The other option would be to locate the folders in the Lightroom folder tree and drag them to the external hard drive in the Lightroom folder tree. This method seems to be the recommended method in some instances. However, sometimes all images don't get transferred for some reason.


          I have used both methods. Both methods have worked for me. I personally have not experienced a problem with the second option. But you can try either one of these methods and see how it works out for you.