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    Problem with wacom


      When using my wacom i am find that loghtroom 6 that there is a delay when moving slides, also when i take the pen off the slide jumps changing the setting

      is the a fix for this?


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          Henke M Level 1

          No fix for the time beeing ... I'm having the same difficulties.


          Please see this thread; Lightroom CC curves bug with Wacom Intuos Pro



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            bhousto90 Level 4

            I believe I had the same issue?

            Scrubby sliders operated with delay or you needed to move pen past the text field borders before it reacted.

            And the slider were delayed as well.


            I solved it and tablet works correctly now.

            I am pretty sure that the last preference change I made to solve it was checking the "force proportions" box in the "mapping" tab for the Grip pen.

            When I looked closely on screen it seemed that the positioning of the pen was off a bit causing issue with the normal sliders/scrubby sliders.


            I think the screen mapping got thrown off kilter because I changed video drivers to get GPU working.

            (This was for a Win8.1 laptop with a Intuos 5, I did not have any issue using same tablet on Win7 desktop)

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              Henke M Level 1

              Thanks for a good tip bhousto90! ... unfortunately that didn't do it for me.