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    How to get a Lightroom 5 image to print correctly


      I have recently started using Lightroom 5 to edit my photographs and feel comfortable with the results. The problem I am having, is getting the image to print the same (look the same) as the image on the computer. The image I am currently working with is black and white. It looks great on the computer, quite vibrant and nice contrast. However when I print it out it looks dull and muted. That is to say very low contrast and not very vibrant, almost as though I am running out of ink (yes the yellow is low, but that is from so may attempts at printing). I wish there was a way to show the two images to compare. I have not yet tried changing the contrast and brightness of the image in the program. I am afraid I would have to make it way to dark to be able to start with a satisfactory image. I guess my main question is how do I get the computer image and the printed image to match?


      I am using a Lenovo Yoga 2 computer, an Epson XP310 photo printer, and Epson Ultra Premium glossy photo paper. My printer settings are as follows;


      I am aware of variances in the brightness of monitors. Earlier I was printing note cards, and they came out way darker than the computer image. At the time I was working with the brightness at full intensity. After some research I found that could affect the printed image and turned it down some. Any ides or information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you (in advance) for reading and your input.

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Yes, the big challenge is to get the monitor and the printer to match. The best thing you can do is calibrate the monitor with a hardware device. But they must be purchased. Having a properly adjusted monitor is critical to have your prints match what you see on the monitor. At the very least you should use the display set up that is part of your operating system. Then you can download some calibration photos and print them. Using that print out you can adjust your monitor accordingly. If you do a web search on print calibration photos I'm sure you will be able to find some. But ideally you would be wise to purchase a hardware calibration device.

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            Emick928 Level 1

            That's kinda what I thought. Thanks for the input