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    ACR 3 vs ACR 9

    Brian Stoppee Adobe Community Professional


      Have you redeveloped any of your old digital images in the new Adobe Camera Raw 9 (ACR 9)? The change is dramatic based on how old they may be. Ten years ago, last month, Adobe released ACR 3. We learned the ropes on ACR 2 with the 2004-based Nikon D2x, which offered 12.1 Megapixels on a half sensor. Today, we primarily shoot with a Nikon D800, a full sensor camera with around 3 times the sensor resolution of the D2x. In the image comparison, above, the ACR 3 project is on the right. We recall struggling in ACR 3 to capture the red tint of Heather Williams hair and the vibrancy of her red-orange dress. We for settled for a rust-toned fabric. We decided to not only redevelop the raw image file in ACR 9, we thought it would be fun to experiment with what the new Camera Raw could do to up-sample the D2x shot to the resolution of the D800. Finally, Heather's hair, skin tone, and dress returned to their original 2006 glory. The dull background was also lost to help make the whole image really pop to how we remember wanting it to be. Try it yourself and enjoy a pleasant surprise.