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    lightroom 6 update problems/why?

    erudolph Level 1

      I've discussed this problem as a tangent in another thread but want to start a dedicated thread.


      I have an activated and functioning Macintosh Lightroom 6 perpetual license install.  For some reason, this install does not see that there is a 6.0 to 6.01 update available.  I spent three hours this morning chatting with five different agents and was not able to resolve the problem.  One of the agents emailed me the patch but it would not install.  The last of the agents suggested it might be some sort of permissions problem and suggested I create a new user with admin privileges and try updating from within that user.  In order to do that, it was necessary to log out, thus ending the chat.  The new admin was not able to update the software either.  FWIW, trying to update from within Lightroom itself gives the message that Lightroom is already up to date, and updating from the emailed patch gives the error Update is Not Applicable.


      There is one other symptom that maybe points to a permissions problem.  When I change the background color of slide shows, the changes don't stick.  I.e., upon closing and reopening the application, the background color has reverted to its default.


      I wonder if anyone has experienced this or might have any thoughts?