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    Panorama creation issues

    petehz Level 1

      Is anyone else having issues with the photo merge panorama tool in LR CC?  Just tried to merge 6 jpegs and it created the preview fine but when I applied the changes my whole machine froze.

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Try turning off the GPU in LR / Prefs / Performance.

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            petehz Level 1

            It's already off.  LR seems to get part way through the merge process (54% last time) and then my whole machine dies.  I'm not on a high end machine but seem to be having quite a few speed issue with this version of LR.  Main issues so far seem to be with photomerge and the people view although I can see from other posts a lot of folk are having issues with the people view module.

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              ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              By "machine froze" do you mean you have to turn off the power and turn it back on to regain control?


              How much RAM do you have on the computer?   Sometimes a computer running out of RAM and switching to virtual-memory (disk-based) can appear to freeze while the swapping is happening but will eventually come back to life.


              If you start up Task Manager and adjust it to always be on top, then switch to the performance tab, does your memory all get used up?


              If things are actually completely dead no matter how long you wait, that sounds like a hardware issue or a driver issue, not something LR is doing, itself, other than making the computer work harder than any other program and exposing its imperfections.

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                petehz Level 1

                I'll use that as the excuse to my wife to get a new laptop (I'm about due one anyway)!  It's only 6GB RAM but have waited for just under 10 mins and ended having to power off completely.  I've tried to get to task manager but even that doesn't work so can't check what's happening.  Just tried it on PS CC too and same issue although was never an issue on my old cs2.  Not a major issue as very rarely merge photos anyway.

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                  ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  You would want to start Task Manager before PS get's too slow, but if you have to cold boot I doubt you'd be able to deduce too much.  You could try reseating the memory if there is an add-in chip via a door in the laptop in case it is loose.   You also might try to see the maximum number of JPGs you can stitch (a subset of the 6) before it has an issue.  It's possible something is overheating if the number varies.  Can you hear the CPU fan(s) spinning at high speed?