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    At my wits end trying to install creative cloud desktop for last 4 days


      I am trying to download the cc desktop on an iMac running OX version 10.10.3. I upgraded specially to try to install cc after having problems. The upgrade meant I lost iPhoto & required a chargeable upgrade to VM Fusion (which I need to run Adobe CS 5.5 for Windows, which is an upgrade of a product I bought before I got the Mac). I have spent the last 4 days going round in circles on forums. I have used the CC Cleaner tool, switched internet service (because at one point I got a 201 error), turned off WIFI, junked all my existing Adobe installations (including Adobe CS 5.5 for Windows) and switched off the Mac more times in the last 4 days than in the last 4 years. CC desktop is (I believe) just a 3MB file. Can't someone just email a file/exe. I tried accessing the file direct on a link suggested by a member of Adobe staff on the forum, but access was denied. I want to get Windows off my Mac. I just want a trial of photoshop and lightroom. Please help.