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    Problem with Lightroom CC and Wacom tablet Intuospro




      I updated Lightroom 5 to NEW Lightroom CC (lightroom 6). I am a creative cloud user.

      I have a Mac operating system Yosemity (OS X 10.10.3) MacBook pro Retina with Thunderbolt display. I use Wacom tablet Intuos pro.


      Until now my drawing tablet with driver 6.3.8. worked perfectly in Lightroom 5 (oll sliders and curves worked perfectly). After the installation of the new Lightroom CC (Lightroom 6), these driver no longer works. With a Wacom drawing tablet and pencil I can not manage curves in Lightroom CC (Lightroom 6).


      I updated driver to the latest driver  6.3.11-3 and also does not work. Even with the new driver I can not managed curves in Lightroom 6 with pen and drawing tablet Intuos pro.



      Here is the WACOM replay on my question:

      »The tablet driver supplies the same presssure sensitivity information to all programs and it is responsibility of the application to use this information. - If it does not work after an app update, this is apparently a bug in Lightroom and the customer should report it to Adobe. This is not anything that Wacom can fix.«


      Have anyone else similar problems?

      How to solve the problem?




      Best regards.