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    text presets will not apply- it asks to render, but after the text is not effected?


      hi, im having a horrible time with text presets.


      i am trying to add an evaporate blur text preset to my text layers.

      i dragged and dropped the preset on the text layer, and it looked like it applied- it needed to render as if a change had happened. but after rendering nothing happens to the test, no changes were actually applied. no error message comes up, and i cant find an answer for this anywhere.


      any help would be greatly appreciated!

      ive attached a screenshot of what it looks like. in the screenshot ive dragged the evaporate preset over the layer, which is why that section isnt green at the top, but even after i render though, the text does nothing as if nothing was applied.

      preset problem.JPG


      edit: ive found if i double click the preset it sends the words white, and i cant make them visible? i am so confused.