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    Lightroom CC - problems with HDR merge.


      1.I try to merge  RAW files from Olympus E-M10 into HDR.

      When I disable "auto tone" checkbox I get completely black image.


      2. E-M10 has sensor with 4:3 aspect ratio, but in camera settings I have set 3:2.

      RAW file contains all data from sensor (4:3) and information about crop to 3:2. In Lightroom, after importing everything is ok - there are images 4/3 cropped to 3/2 (I can modify crop in crop tool)

      The problem is with merging such images into HDR. After merge output image is distorted - has wrong aspect ratio. HDR tool takes all data from 4/3 file and create 3/2 image :/


      I can provide some sample raw file to recreate the problem


      P.S. Sorry for My English.