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    Hello, I am a LR6 & PSCS6 user. I want to understand the cloud storage


      I'm a LR6 & PSCS6 user.

      I shared x000 photos on the cloud, using the LR functionnality. It works, ....


      But as I look at the cloud, it tells me that I have nothing.


      So my questions :

      * what is the difference between the cloud and the storage used to share photos ?

      * what is the maximum size for sharing photos via LR ?

      * The basic offer of 2Gb : doe's it concern photo sharing ?

      * how can I know the data volume I share ?

      and last :

      * what is the format for the pictures in the cloud : is it the original ?


      Thank in advance

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I’m assuming you are using stand-alone applications but are thinking of subscribing to the Photography plan. Perhaps you are using the 30 day free trial in LR6.


          You get:

          Lightroom CC 2015

          Photoshop CC 2014

          Lightroom Mobile

          Lightroom Web

          Cloud Storage


          You can store original files from your computer in Creative Cloud, up to your limit.

          You can synchronize LR collections to the LR mobile app on phones or tablets

          You can also make synchronized collections into web galleries and you can give the link to others to view on-line.


          Adobe uses DNG Smart Previews for displays from LR mobile & web via the creative cloud infrastructure, but these features are only available with a monthly subscription.


          Only your original photos count towards your storage limit of 2gb. LR mobile has no storage limits and does not use up any of your 2gb allowance.