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    Fireworks, Leopard, Pages, preview in browser

      I updated to Mac OS 10.5 and was trying to prototype a webpage using a tutorial from NAPP. After placing Photoshop png files on three separate pages and linking each page with using the rectangle hotspot tool then selecting the page each button went to. I then tried to preview my pages using the browser.

      The first page would show up but the other pages are not found. The file that loads is an htm in a local folder in
      the fireworks library. There are no other pages created there for the other pages i created.

      Isn't this supposed to load a fireworks png which is feature all of my pages?
      What exactly is the interactive prototype to look like?

      I was under the impression that I would be creating a prototype "with multiple linked pages in a single
      PNG file."

      thanks for the help