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    Major Sparky

      I need advice on the `best' format to choose to archive my videos. I'm not particularly

      concerned about file size and storage capacity, but do wish to avoid degradation and

      obsolescence as far as possible.


      When I used previous versions of PE than the version 13 that I'm now using, I saved all the

      edited output of my Sony HDR-HC9E DV/tape camcorder as .avi files. I now have a Sony HDR-PJ810E

      machine that records in .MTS and .MP4.


      I have recently read many conflicting opinions on this subject, several of which claim that

      uncompressed .avi is still a good container to save in and others that recommend saving the

      output in the same format as the recorded material. PE13 has no export option in .avi format (although

      equally modern video editors, that will remain un-named on this forum, do).


      So Question 1 is, should I be exporting projects in .M2T format for archiving? If not, which

      preset should I use?


      Question 2 concerns the resolution and frame rate that I should be using to record and export. I

      have been recording in `Standard' HQ mode, i.e (1440x1080), 9Mbps and 50i frame rate.

      (Alternative frame rates available are 25p and 50p). Visually, I cannot distinguish much

      difference between HQ at 50i and `High Quality' FH mode, ie. 1920x1080, 17Mpbs and 50i frame

      rate. (Strangely, when editing HQ material, some shots, of grass for instance, look less

      blurred in HQ than in FH mode on the PC.)


      However, exporting options in PE13 are 1440x1080 at 25i or 30i (not 50i). Should I be choosing

      25i in this instance? Or should I be recording in 25p or 50p instead of 50i and exporting in one

      of the other M2T export options available in PE13, e.g. HD720p50? Or should I not export in MT2

      at all and archive in MP4 at 1440x1080p25 or 1920x1080p25 or HD720p50? i.e. the only p25 and p50

      options available in MP4.


      Please forgive any ignorance that these questions might indicate, but help would be appreciated.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7

          Major Sparky


          Short version

          I would go with archiving along with waiting for further developments in technology

          others that recommend saving the

          output in the same format as the recorded material.

          Pending your definition of .avi format, I would refute

          PE13 has no export option in .avi format


          Longer version


          1. Refer to Publish+Share/Computer/AVI with Presets = DV NTSC Standard or Widescreen and then under the Advanced Button/Video of that preset.

          You have a choice of various Adobe supplied .video codec and the opportunity for preset customization. In addition, if you download and install the Lagarith Lossless Codec, it will be available for use under the Advanced settings for the AVI preset. True, there is no counterpart in 13 for 10's Share/Tape (for DV Tape).


          2. If you are importing 1440 x 1080 HD anamorphic 16:9, then you use a 1440 x 1080.....project preset. But, when you go to export it, use the export setting for 1920 x 1080 to avoid the dependency of the player related to having a 16:9 flag stretch the 1440 x 1080 for display after encoding.


          To avoid the possibility of interlace issues in areas of higher motion in the video, I would suggest recording progressive rather than interlaced footage.

          Regarding interlaced vs progressive, look at the export settings, those with default deinterlacing and not. Deinterlacing before or after export and letting the player do the deinterlacing of interlaced video? To be discuss next if indicated.


          Please consider. More comments to follow as indicated.





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            Major Sparky Level 1

            Many thanks ATR.


            1) AVI presets now available - I missed the scroll bar on the Publish+Share window!

            Lagarith codec now installed.

            2) A useful tip on export setting. Thanks. Having a 1080p TV, I'll also give PS recording a try.


            I may come back to you on interlaced vs progressive.


            Help appreciated.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7

              Major Sparky


              Thanks for the follow up with the great news and for looking at the suggestions.


              If you have time, please check out the following recent thread here which gets into some interlaced vs progressive issues that john (the originator of the thread) ran into.

              Re: Sharing AVCHD/MP4-NTSC DV Standard results in poor video


              Best wishes