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    vibrant colors

    billycthe kid

      Im getting ready to buy illustrator. I see a lot of digital art with such vibrant colors much like real fire or things exploding off the sun. Similar to the pic belowsun.jpg I can not get this effect. Every time I try I get a muddy mess of color. I do a lot of abstract art and need to know if Ai will do it before  I buy thank you.lightter.jpg

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          deesadler User Group Manager

          This is the forum for the mobile app, Adobe Color.


          Illustrator is vector based. So, mathematically created shapes, and gradients and lots of other items. The picture you have of the sun, it is unlikely that could be done in Illustrator. Same with the image of the lighter. Both were likely done with Photoshop. It is all about how you layer the effects. Both would require both time and talent. The lighter image is a composite. Photoshop would be the application of choice there.

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