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    PE 11 & newest nvidia geforce GTX5.. drivers : problem ?

    fredowww66 Level 1

      I always install the newest videodrivers for my GTX560 card. I'm working on a project for more than a month now.

      There were last month 2 new videodrivers. But also since then my project loads very slow at start and when rendering (edit rendering, not final) a small part PE elements crashes before reaching the 100%. I hear also that the coolers in my pc go to the highest level (and just after that follows the crash).


      So than I start thinking who I'm going to kill : Adobe headquarter or Nvidea headquarter

      Just joking. I realised that installing an older version of the driver maybe would solve this frustrating situation (I had to finalize my project ...).

      I've choosen the february 2015 version for the GTX5.. serie again. And this solved the problem again of slow loading and crashing while edit rendering (and coolers don't go in overdrive).


      Are there other PE11 users here with GTX5.. graphics cards ? What driver version do you use ?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          My GTX card and Premiere Elements work just fine together. I've never had any conflicts with any of the drivers, and I've been using them together for nearly a year.


          In fact, I've used this same GTX card with version 13, version 12 and, as an experiment, version 10 without problems.


          My processor is an i5 quad core and I'm running a very large power supply, if that makes any difference. I also keep my Windows updated, clean and tuned.

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            What computer operating system (including 32 or 64 bit) is your Premiere Elements 11 running? What specific NVIDIA GeForce video card/graphic card does your computer use - NVIDIA GeForce GTX570 or something else? I ask since you identify your card as just GTX5.


            With the "GTX5", how far back from the current driver version (problem version) is this February 2015 driver version that resolved the Premiere Elements 11 slow loading and crashing etc for one of your Premiere Elements 11 projects? Is your card's driver set for automatic updating?


            Prior statement of no problems with Premiere Elements and the "GTX5" did not name the version of Premiere Elements, operating system, or confirm NVIDIA GeForce card name and its driver version. Because of the nature of your question and my involvement with the Premiere Elements 10/NVIDIA GeForce issue which grew into major proportions, I have commented.


            I am hoping that yours is not the start of the type of Premiere Elements/NVIDIA GeForce issue that exists quite specific to Premiere Elements 10/NVIDIA GeForce.

            ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE10: NVIDIA Video Card Driver Roll Back


            I would encourage you to contact NVIDIA about this Premiere Elements 11/NVIDIA GeForce matter and get its take on it. I would be interested in the outcome of that contact.


            Thank you.



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              fredowww66 Level 1

              - "I always install the newest videodrivers for my GTX560 card."

              - videodriversetting is on automatic notice, not automatic install

              - windows 7 64bit / PE 11 dutch version

              - if also other people with PE11 and nvidia have this problem we can inform nvidia, but if I'm the only one with this problem

              - I installed the driver of march (347.88) (not februari I see now) after having problems with the latest ones.

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                Thanks for the reply and important information on your issue.


                The Premiere Elements 10/NVIDIA GeForce issue started with one by one reports of unexplained display and related issues. It was a while before the build up of information pointed to the real issue when the reports from the users included specific details, including computer operating system, card name and driver version, version of Premiere Elements.


                Your thought to find out how many Premiere Elements 11 users are have problems with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX560 is a good one.

                My thought in suggesting that you contact NVIDIA at this time was related to the possibility that NVIDIA might have some undocumented information on the matter.


                We will be watching for further developments.


                Thank you again for the follow up. Appreciated.