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    Lightroom 2015 Metadata Status Updates are Slow

    DavePinMinn Level 1

      I waited to install LR6 in case there were another bunch of problems, and finally put it on the desktop yesterday...


      System is a PC with a 5820, 32GB of memory, Windows 8.1, O/S, applications, and LR catalog are on a 1TB 840 EVO SSD.  Images on a 3TB, 7200 rpm HDD.


      5.7.1 ran fine, not great, but fine.  Updated to 6, it upgraded the catalogs, and I checked my main catalog to see if there were any metadata changes that needed to be saved to the disk.  It found a couple hundred of the 50K or so images in the catalog.  Selected them and told it to save the metadata...  And waited...  And waited.  It ran through a half dozen then sat.  Ran another 1 or 2 and sat.  And sat.  Eventually, I exited Lightroom and restarted.  Did the same thing.  Exited and REBOOTED and tried again.  SAME THING.


      I did a search in here, but didn't see anything about lousy performance at doing a simple metadata update.  Finally tried selecting a half dozen at a time and saving the metadata.  That appears to be the only way it'll do anything...


      It worked fine in 5..7.1 and every previous version.  Is there some new tuning that needs to be done to get LR6 to do this with reasonable performance?

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          I have had a similar problem. Don't know if you have solved it but when I save metadata from the Metadata Panel instead of the regular way it works. Not sure if you were doing it like this. Select all photos and go to "Meta Data Status" in Metadata panel. It will say "Metadata changed". Click on the right fly out and save to file. The pop up box is the same but for some reason when doing it from here I have had work fine. Hope this helps.