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    Entry level workstation for web delivery only - GPU selection for CS6


      Hey guys. I'm trying to get the final piece for my puzzle, reading all across the web about what exact GPU would be the most fitting for CS6. I've read numerous replies, from "go with the latest, fastes nvidia gaming card" to "get the old 580 because it still rocks".


      My shopping list so far is;


      i7 4790K

      Z97 Pro

      32 GB RAM

      Intel 535 480GB (OS / apps / scratch)

      WD Black 2TB (media)


      I use it primarily and only for editing my own footage (AVCHD). I use only 2 brands of camera, not sure if I can name names, but one can deliver 100 Mbps 4K video in AVCHD, and 200 Mbps in 1080p, and the other one is the most popular action cam on the market. I use CS6 and if someone convinces me, I could consider switching to CC...so that should also be taken into consideration.


      I would like to finalize my build by choosing the right card for this system, so if you can give me any advice, that would be awesome. I don't need any raid setups, for my intents and purposes I believe a straighforward build like this is enough, one day I might experiment with M2 but that's out of the option now.


      Hope to get some good advices, and if you have any other suggestions on my build, feel free to add.