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    Flex for mobile?

    terrens Community Member
      Anyone know of any plans to migrate Flex to the world of mobile?
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          pcolby78 Community Member
          I also would be *very* interested in this :)

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            imodejon Community Member
            Japan would like to know this as well.
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              Don't see why this won't be the next step. After the jump to Flash Lite 3 is the incorporation of Video which was the previous 'big jump' (prior to AS3) with the desktop player, there is a obvious convergence of the two players. The application level development of Flex will add great value to the mobile player and increase the growth of use after the take of Flash based interfaces for mobiles.

              Good things ahead me thinks.
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                Andrea Trento ACP
                Hi guys. I don’t know if Adobe will release a Flex technology for mobile, but I think that in the future there will be a total convergence and parallelism on the two Flash players (web and mobile players).

                Anyway, there is a second point of view.
                Can we develop for mobile with the standard Flex version without a specific mobile version of Flex? The answer is yes.
                Today, on the market there are some devices with Opera and Flash 9 embedded. So today we can develop with Flex for mobile. Nokia released two devices with Flash 9 embedded:
                - N800 ( http://www.nseries.com/index.html#l=products,n800 )
                - N810 ( http://www.nseries.com/index.html#l=products,n810 )

                Next year similar and new devices will be released.
                I’m developing and testing some Flex mobile applications with these devices. Performance, usability and experience are good.
                But there are some important considerations to make. First, we can develop mobile content in Flex for the above-mentioned devices, but we need to do it with a ‘mobile approach’. Second, the hardware has some limits (CPU, Screen, etc.), so, while developing we need to pay attention to those limits.
                And last, on the market there are few devices (three) so few people can use 'Flax mobile contents'. The ideal ecosystem for mobile Flex content is currently the business/enterprise market, where the distribution of the devices and mobile applications can be controlled.



                Andrea Trento - Interpreting.it
                Adobe Community Expert (ACE), Mobile and Devices

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                  Paul Lamonby Community Member

                  Out of interest, what do you think Flex would bring to mobiles that Flash Lite does not already offer?

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                    Bill Perry Community Member
                    Good discussion. Currently there are no plans to allow Flex to publish to mobile. One thing to recognize is today Flex is setup to publish as F9 and FL3 (latest client) only supports up to Flash 8 and AS2.

                    Before a tool is created to allow publishing SWF content for non-PC devices there needs to be a client run-time on non-PC devices that supports F9 AS3 content - today there isn't any.

                    What types of mobile applications would you want to create using Flex as the IDE that you can't create today using Flash CS3?

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                      Reasons for me:

                      - Free commandline compiler
                      - A "real" IDE

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                        Zarathrusta Community Member
                        Reasons for me:

                        - Free commandline compiler
                        - A "real" IDE

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                          I found this older inquiry at the same time that I found a more more current one.

                          Here's my reasoning for Flex with Flash Lite. In my business community, developers are interested in building RIA for business apps (medical, sales, etc). They are not interested in "flashy" movie-oriented apps based on scenes. It's very hard to get people to consider Flex for business apps because all they see are game and social apps built with Flash/CS3. Most business apps have text entry and data access/updates with remote servers, and animations or excessive color are distractions from the activity of getting work done. Of course there are other business apps that benefit from some animation or improved image support, but for data entry and retrieval of information, these visual aspects of a UI are counter-productive. Flex allows for rapid creation of business RIA without the developer overhead of the Flash contexts.

                          When the web first got popular it was in large part due to the visual allure. Then it got more respect for business use, and now the A in RIA is for Application - usually implying business. I think Adobe is missing something if they want to keep Flash doing old-style web applications in the new mobile medium - at some point they need to realize that people want to use their devices for more business applications and not as much for entertainment and "passing time" (a luxury I wish I could enjoy).
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                            More money for Adobe by selling CS3.
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                              Flex for mobiles, I would be interested in this, probably will be implemented sometime in the future.

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                                I agree Bryan, but I think this will be quite a few years away. That would be alot more moeny for adobe.
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                                  I have flash lite 3.0 installed on my phone but still i am not able to view websites developed on flex..can any one help me out..i just got introduced to the world of flex...and am not a techie...

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                                    As far as I know, Flash Lite 3.0 (or 3.1) works with Flash Player 9 but does NOT support ActionScript 3 (yet?).

                                    That might be the problem you are encountering right now.

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                                      nikos101 Community Member

                                      the sooner the better

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                                        Cristian Livadiotti


                                        Even  though this thread is quite old, it seems still alive!

                                        If  you're looking for Flex on mobile, check this out: developer.openplug.com.

                                        That's exactly what our product is doing: using Flex to develop mobile apps.

                                        We've  just open an early adopter program to enable people to try it for free.

                                        Feel  free to visit & register, we're willing to get as much feedback as possible  before the commercial version.

                                        See  you there!


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                                          nikos101 Community Member

                                          Slider will be adobe official product

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                                            nikos101 Community Member

                                            Just registered for




                                            lokos pretty cool