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    Premiere Elements 13 all of a sudden Error: 16 and NADA


      Ive ben using Premiere and Photoshop Elements 13 for as long as they've been out. (BTW MacBook Pro, quad core, 16GB Ram, 512GB SSDm running 10.10.3 and now the 4th beta of 10.10.4 , this started well before any betas were put on this machine, and it ran fine under 10.10.3 until one day Poof, something happened)

      Suddenly poof they've stopped working I get an error code "16" telling game to uninstall and reinstall. Which I did twice for each product. I also saw a post where Adobe claims that if you manually reset permissions in the /Library/Application Support/Adobe/SLStore and set the permissions  to the following for that folder, then the same thing for the …./PCD folder. Well the permissions were correct anyway but I did it just the same and I made sure that the sub-continent mirrored the folder permission like the "Fix that doesn't fix" tells me to.   What I got was NADA, IT does NOT fix the problem.

      SLStore.jpg       PDCFolder.jpg


      I have read through the forums until my eyes are crossed and searched and searched and THE ONLY fix I ever encountered was this lame SLStore and PCD folder thing, which was frankly worthless.


      I sure would be grateful if someone could give me a hand fixing this, of course I'm going to call Adobe on Monday.


      (Just as an observation, and it's my opinion only, to be perfectly honest, unless you want to talk about their new "Cloud based BLEEP" Adobe support has taken a real nosedive into the toilet, in my experience.  Frankly if that's going to be the case I have found onOne's "Perfect Suite" software to be light years ahead of Photoshop nowadays. Unfortunately I used to rely on Premiere a LOT now I'm going to have to find something to replace that and that is really going ti tick me off. SORRY EDITORIAL OVER)