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    Open jpeg in ACR?


      How can I open a jpeg capture in ACR?    I am using PS CS6 in Mac OS X 10.10.3.

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you check PS / Prefs / Camera Raw you can see a couple settings for when to use the ACR plug-in for JPGs and TIFs.  I think the options Never, Always, and With-Settings.  You can obviously change this preference to Always and open your JPG into Camera Raw that way.  Another way is to right-click on a JPG in Bridge and choose Open in Camera Raw.  Finally, at least on Windows, there is a way using File / Open As, to set the format to Camera Raw instead of JPG and it works.  I think the Mac is a little different but I think you can still use Open to set Camera Raw as the format to use.

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            Yammer Level 4

            I usually open them from Bridge, using Ctrl-R.

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              dougs8306550 Level 1

              Thank you both very much for your kind assistance.     I went to PS . Pref > Camera Raw and found that it was already set to "with settings."    What does "with settings" mean - or, more importantly, how does that enable me to open jpegs in ACR?     When I right click on a jpeg one of the items listed is "open with," but ACR is not one of the options.  I tried "other" and still found no way to get to ACR.


              Thanks to your suggestion, I've discovered that I can open jpegs in ACR if I use Bridge.  I had stopped using Bridge when I got my Mac and discovered that Finder is several time faster than Bridge when searching for images either by name or keywords.   But for those instances where I only have jpeg captures, I can certainly use Bridge.


              Again, many, many thanks for your help.

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                Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

                On the mac version using File>Open in photoshop, select the jpeg file, set Enable to All Readable Documents and set the Format to Camera Raw




                In the camera raw preferences: Automatically open jpegs With Settings means all jpegs that have opened in camera raw before


                Automatically open All supported jpegs means all jpegs will open into camera raw