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    Turn off sync in Adobe Premiere Clip on iOS

    Tigon Nguyen Level 1

      I'm using Premiere Clip in iOS, it auto sync my project when I create new project, I don't know how to turn off it. I have a slowly connection internet, I hate it...

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          bronwyn-lewis Adobe Employee

          Hi Tigon,


          Sorry you are having trouble, and thanks for your feedback. Your projects sync automatically so that you can work across devices, and so that you have the option to send your project to Premiere Pro for further refining.



          Community Manager for Premiere Clip

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            KoMaruyama Adobe Community Professional

            Hey Tigon,


            I have bad internet or no internet sometimes too.  As long as you've already logged in once, and are in PremiereClip, you don't need to continue your WiFi connection to keep working on your edit.


            Once your new project is created,

            • Turn off your WiFi in device settings
            • Continue to edit in PremiereClip
            • All of your pre-loaded AdobeHue libraries are available
            • All of the pre-loaded music is available
            • You can continue to use the app (I haven't found options that don't work offline yet)


            When you're done with your edit, switch out of the application and turn WiFi back on.

            the problem is that if you switch to a different wifi zone, you may get knocked out of premiereclip (like some other Adobe mobile apps)

            if you quit the app, you can't launch it again until you have wifi Access


            When you're somewhere with WiFi access (or better WiFi) and you're ready to upload your project to PremierePro, open PremiereClip and share the project(s).




            (*caveat: at the time of this post, if you change WiFi networks, and have WiFi on, you'll have to sign in again if you Quit/Restart)

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              247Visuals Level 1

              Hi guys at Adobe,


              do you understand that being logged out of clip and have to start over again is a mayor malfunction in an app that is meant to be used on mobiles?


              Losing work is bad. Are you in the progress of fixing this?




              Kind regards,