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    Uninstall Existing Extension Manager and Reinstall Extensions

    Stecyk Level 1
      • Windows 8.1 Pro, 64 bit
      • Adobe Creative Cloud
      • Key Application is Photoshop


      When I upgraded to Photoshop CC(2015), I lost Photoshop CC (2014). My prior Extensions, which used Panels and Actions, don't work with Photoshop CC(2015).


      I reinstalled Photoshop CC(2014) and attempted to reinstall my Extensions. Even after reinstalling Photoshop CC(2014) and reinstalling a key Extension, my key Extension no longer works.


      When I view the Extension Manager CC, the Extensions are visible, but, as mentioned, non-functioning.


      In the Control Panel / Programs and Features, I see Adobe Extension Manager CC v. 7.3.2. Yet, when I go to the Creative Cloud App, I see that I can "install" the Extension Manager. It's listed just below the Gaming SDK (which isn't installed).


      I want to remove my existing Extension Manager CC v. 7.3.2, remove all existing Extensions, and then re-install Extension Manager so that it will work with Photoshop CC(2014), and reinstall my Extensions. My questions are as follows:

      • How do I uninstall my existing Extension Manager CC v. 7.3.2?
      • When I uninstall the existing Extension Manager, does that also remove the Extensions?
      • Where/How do I install the current Extension Manager to work with Photoshop CC(2014)?