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    CC2015 Extensions gone

    Roy Marshall Level 1

      Hi All.


      I know CC2015 is hot off the press, but can any one tell me how to install my custom extensions???

      I have Extension Manager that has not been updated, and there is not an update for it, but it doesnt even recognise I have CC2015 installed.

      I do still have CC2014 installed, and that shows up in the app list.


      I did hear whisper that Adobe were thinking of a command line extension install.  Is this true? Is this happening?


      Anyway, pretty desperately need to get this working again.




      Royston Marshall

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          Level 7

          Give it a few hours for all the updates to propagate through the system (server side) and all the downloads to become available.

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            Roy Marshall Level 1

            So are you saying there is a new Extension Manager CC2015 in the system?

            Do you know of any way I can get it direct?



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              Level 7

              I don't know when all the downloads will be visible at your location (I'm still waiting for a lot of them to show up myself...).

              Again, it takes a little while for things to propagate through all the CDNs around the world.

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                Roy Marshall Level 1

                Ok. Looks like I need to sit and wait. Patience was never my strong point!



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                  JimmyMcIntyre Level 1

                  I have the same problem. On the Adobe blog it says that any panels installed via Extension Manager previously now need to be reinstalled via the developer's native installer. I have just updated Extension Manager and Photoshop CC 2015 is not showing up. Does this mean panels will no longer be installed via EM?


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                    PXC Level 2

                    same problem here. running the latest EM and it seems that it doesn't support the latest CC2015 collection (illustrator cc2015, photoshop cc2015....)

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                      TᴀW Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Extension Manager has been officially discontinued:





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                        Roy Marshall Level 1

                        I have followed the instructions:


                        Roys-MBP:MacOS user2$ "./ExManCmd" --install /Users/user2/Desktop/AtlasInfoPlacer.zxp

                        but the Extension doesnt show up after I restart InDesign.

                        Am I doing something wrong with my syntax?

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                          Preran Adobe Employee

                          Hi Royston,


                          I heard from the team that there are a few issues with the Add Ons and the command line tool, and the team is working towards fixing them. Will let you know as soon as I have an update.


                          See Adobe Exchange for the official communication on the Extension Manager.




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                            Roy Marshall Level 1

                            It was my mistake here. I didnt change the Bundle Manifest to 11.0 in Eclipse. Done that, and it installed OK.

                            Still think Extension Manager should have been fixed and maintained.

                            A bad show I think.

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                              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                              Looks to me like your quote marks should be surrounding the path to the .zxp, not the command, but that still may not solve the problem.

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                                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                                Typing while you were. Thanks for posting you got it to work.


                                Can you explain exactly what you did so others can learn? I don't see anything about changing the manifest in the help topic.

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                                  when i try to install the extension it fails with the following msg

                                  Failed to install, status = -403!


                                  can anyone help pls?

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                                    Preran Adobe Employee

                                    Hi Nabih,


                                    For products other than Dreamweaver and Flash Pro, try the following:


                                    - Uninstall the CC 2015 product

                                    - Restart the computer

                                    - Reinstall the product


                                    It is not a guaranteed fix, but let us know if it helped. The extension manager is working to fix this issue as soon as possible.




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                                      Monica Singh Adobe Employee

                                      Hi Roy,

                                      There is issue while seeing your already installed extensions in InDesign under Window-->Extension sub menu.

                                      But to see your Product in Extension Manager, there are few steps that should work:

                                      1. Uninstall the CC 2015 product.

                                      2. Luanch the Creative cloud desktop, launch Extension manger and close.

                                      Restart creative cloud app or system.

                                      //Check for the version of ExManConfig.xml file expected 3.1.12

                                      How to check version open the file ExManConfig.xml located at C:\ProgramData\Adobe\Extension Manager CC\Configuration in windows

                                      at Library/ApplicationSupport/Adobe/Extension manger CC/Configuration. in MAC

                                      look for the top two lines a value will be associated with the version.//

                                      If version is not updated force quit thor and relaunch

                                      As soon the version is updated perform next step.


                                      3. Install the CC 2015 product.


                                      It should have the products available at the Extension Manger.

                                      For the extension not visible at the InDesign menu, we have this issue already known will update you soon.



                                      Monica Singh

                                      InDesign Team

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                                        Justin Putney Level 2

                                        FYI. Once the CC 2015 does show up in Extension Manager, the addition of CC 2015 also breaks the ability to install extensions using Extension Manager CC for CC and CC 2014 apps. The extension appears to be installed with each version of the app, but the extension files do not get copied into the application folders.


                                        Put more bluntly: CC 2015 breaks the ability to install extensions in any Adobe CC app.


                                        At least that's what several tests with InDesign extensions has confirmed so far.

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                                          ALsp Adobe Community Professional

                                          See the CC 2015 notes near the top of this page:


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                                            Justin Putney Level 2

                                            @ALsp, Did you check to see that the extension is actually present in the application?


                                            On my machine, Extension Manager says the extension is installed, but the extension files do not get copied to the application folder.

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                                              JimmyMcIntyre Level 1

                                              Hi guys,

                                              I managed to install my Easy Panel extension, both via Extension Manager and manually. I also sent out the updated panel to 50,000 users and so far no problems. It seems, for many, EM is completely finished, so the manual install was essential. Here is a youtube video showing you how to install a panel manually. Please note, the panel must be compatible with CC 2015, as per Davide's instructions: http://www.davidebarranca.com/


                                              Here is the video: How To Install The Easy Panel For Photoshop CC 2015 - YouTube

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                                                Roy Marshall Level 1

                                                Well, for me it is kinda working now.


                                                1) I needed to make sure my personally created extensions were compatible with CC2015 (version 11.0 in the Manifest)

                                                2) I ignored the fact the CC2015 was not showing up in the Extention Manager, and went ahead and installed anyway. What do you know? It installed fine in CC2015!


                                                For now all good...

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                                                  ALsp Adobe Community Professional

                                                  Yes Justin. They are actually working and part of Dreamweaver. The key is a clean install of Dreamweaver. If you are upgrading, you must uninstall the prior CC version(s) and, since Adobe does not clean up after itself, you need to manually remove old configuration and EM folders. I can help anyone, but you'll need to contact me off forum. Here is a reply I made recently to J. Ferman, the man responsible for the Adobe Marketplace, which is the cause of Extension Manager no longer working.


                                                  Hi Jonathan,

                                                  By all accounts, from developers who have experimented with making their extensions available on the "marketplace", the system is a complete failure. Sales are minimal. The only significant developer with foresight, seems to be DMX Zone. As you may know, they developed their own Extension Manager, which, I might add, is significantly better than anything Adobe has ever produced. That said, I respectfully submit that what you have done is hurtful to your customers. We will find a way to get around these shenanigans, but, ultimately, you are creating hardship for your customers. The first volley fired was the elimination of automatic extension migration, forcing your customers to re-download and install all of their add-ons. The killing shot, of course, is your disconnection of the extension manager, which obviously can still be made to work...as we have done just that. You may want to peruse this thread on our forum (as should any concerned Adobe user):




                                                  Openness and transparency is always a good business practice. Coercion rarely ends well.

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                                                    Justin Putney Level 2

                                                    Well said, ALsp. Every developer I know (including myself) has expressed a similar opinion about the marketplace/Add-ons.


                                                    Re: installation. I'm glad you were able to get Dreamweaver extensions working. It's not reasonable to ask my users to jump through the hurdles you mentioned (remove old files, etc). So I am also working on my own custom extension installers.

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                                                      ALsp Adobe Community Professional

                                                      We are, too. There is also an open source project listed on GitHub. Good luck... and perhaps Adobe will come to their senses. I've asked both the Exchange and the Dreamweaver product directors to contact me. Neither has. This is all so very unprofessional. I guess they figure they have the upper hand. That is, sadly, pretty typical of hired hands. But unless they hit a home run with the marketplace, they will either have to acquiesce... or they will be replaced. I've been doing this for more than 15 years and I've seen them come and go.

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                                                        Monica Singh Adobe Employee

                                                        Hi All,

                                                        We had this issue with our latest release of CC 2015 products and Creative Cloud desktop app that Extensions downloaded from Browse Addons web page are not visible in InDesign and point products.
                                                        Sorry for the inconvenience happened.

                                                        Creative Cloud Desktop App has posted a new build which contains fix for the issue "Extensions downloaded from the Browse Addons website are not visible in the InDesign".
                                                        Builds are available at: https://creative.adobe.com/products/download/creative-cloud.
                                                        It is not an auto update hence you are required to download the patch and then install manually. Restart the Application.

                                                        Also mentioning, once the update is installed you will see your extensions start syncing, **notification in CC desktop App** then try launching the product. It should start showing the extensions successfully.

                                                        Please do the same and revert with your feedback and issues if any happens.

                                                        Monica Singh.

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                                                          ALsp Adobe Community Professional



                                                          The original poster is concerned with Extension Manager. Very few people actually even care about your "Browse Add-ons marketplace.

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                                                            Roy Marshall Level 1

                                                            Thanks ALsp. you are right! This does not solve my initial problem.

                                                            I don't know if it is a fluke, or intentional, but I did realise a couple of days into using CC2015 that even though InDesign 2015 was not showing in the Extension Manager, extensions were being installed into 2015 at the same time as being installed into CC2014.


                                                            Its was just a little disconcerting not showing me the CC2015.


                                                            HOWEVER. I literally just checked after writing that last line, and now my 2015 apps show up along side my 2014 apps!! So my initial problem looks to be fixed.


                                                            Phew! thanks Adobe, but its a shame it has happened in this manner. Not as professional and polished as i would have liked.





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                                                              PXC Level 2

                                                              I agree - not professional at all. The latest CC update has messed things up! Also experiencing big issues with my extensions (including the previous CC and CC2014 releases). I hope that the CC Desktop App has fixed this. I really hope.

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                                                                Hey Nabihb,
                                                                I have exactly the same problems then you, dis you succed to fix it ???


                                                                "Failed to install, status = -403!"

                                                                Looks pretty strange :/


                                                                Thx you

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                                                                  Andreas Jansson Level 2

                                                                  Hi Monica,


                                                                  I'm very concerned by this right now. We distribute a CEP (HTML5/js/jsx) application on Adobe Add-ons, and now in December 2015 this fix is obviously still not part of the automatic updates.

                                                                  Should everyone who wants to run our CEP application have to download the setup file on the link above?


                                                                  What exactly does that setup program do? Does it reinstall all of InDesign CC 2015?