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    Lightroom 6 refusing to open (Windows 7)


      Have used Lightroom (various versions) for 2 years. Upgraded a few weeks ago to Lightroom 6 on my desktop pc running Windows 7. No problems initially. However 2 days ago, it started to refuse to open and despite constant attempts, including rebooting, it is not working. When I click to open, the initial screen (with trees) opens, then nothing. When I click on the menu bar, it freezes, screen greys out and windows message to tell me 'LR not responding'. I then have ot Ctrl/Alt/Del to close.............................. and so on.

      Very frustrated. I have tried the online tech help desk without any success (am on to them as I type) but am told there is no one competent to help!

      Any proposals other than detailed programme changes as I am photographer and not a software engineer.

      Many thanks,

      Peter. UK