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    Deleted RAW files and backup files have wrong name - Lr Catalog can't find them.


      I imported photos (2,500+) from 3 different cameras in Lr CC, put them in order and renamed them all (Nick and Liz's Wedding Photos-1, etc). I deleted the RAW files. When I recovered the RAW files from by backup hard drive, the file names were all were what the camera's named them (5D3-0001, etc). I thought I would just rename them all again but somehow I'm missing 2 files (I have no idea how or which ones) so if I renamed them, they wouldn't be the same as before and Lr wouldn't be able to find them.


      Is there a way for Lr CC to find the correct original files? I already culled them all and edited around 150, I don't want to loose all of that!