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    After Effects Render Engine Workflow




      I'm looking on some advice with regards to using the Adobe Render Engine for AE.


      First some background my project. I'm working on a stop motion feature film in the UK as Head of VFX.

      Animation has started today and I'm looking to set up our render pipeline asap as over the next few months I'll be hiring up to around 7-8 compositors.


      Myself and IT have installed the Adobe Render Engine and have it working across our network. Now, while it seems to work I'm worried that it may not be efficient enough the manage such a large scale project. Not from a rendering point of view but from a management point of view. The fact that you have to collect the project file everytime you have to render worries me a little bit. Obviously shots have to go through a review process for fixes and tweaks so there will always be multiple versions of shots. Does that mean a compositor will always have to delete his/her previous collected file that the render engine looks for?


      Also, will previous versions of shots get overwritten when they are rendered and 2nd/3rd time etc?


      Has anyone here used the render engine for large scale projects? I'm keen for some advice on the file management side of things.


      I've come from a studio background of using deadline renderer where everything is very easily automated and customizable.



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          AE probably can be used for what you intend, but it would not be my first choice.  Don't bother with cc2015 as it's network rendering is disabled.  You can get watch folders to work reasonably well, but it is not always reliable also not much in way of management.  As long as all of you network paths are setup properly, you can run dependencies for "project only" with watch folder render selected and save it a watch folder that all machines can access.  This just makes a new project file and does not gather media.  You must have multi-processor turned off on all render nodes and multi-machne settings selected in your render queue.

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            You should look into a Shared storage solution so you don't need to collect the files, just the projects

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              chriscallow Level 1

              Thanks for your reply.


              Yes, I'm aware that you can just collect the project file and not the media. We've set up a system where all assets and projects exist on a shared network.

              Its just the management of the folders that contain the render project file confuses me.

              Will I always have to be deleting old versions of these folders and projects when my compositors update their shots with fixes and tweaks before they want to render a new version?


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                tpolson Level 1

                I believe if you rename the comp with a new version number it will create a new folder. i can't remember if it uses comp name or project name. for maintenance you have to manually delete folders.

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                  ColbyFulton Level 1

                  AFX Render Engine seems very awkward. I can't understand why just running Render Engine on other computers on your network won't auto detect a render on your main machine and 'hook up' to improve render time. If I have to put the project on a shared folder, and run some sort of script through Terminal, it seems like a waste of time. Also Render Engine can only run on two computers unless you create a .txt file on the slaves? How clumsy. This needs major improvement.