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    Edge Animate Copy and Paste Problems in 2015 update


      Hi all,


      I know there is another thread on copy and paste problems with Edge Animate but it was for earlier versions and my problem is not the program crashing. I have a Macbook Pro Retina 13-inch (mid 2014) and Yosemite 10.10.3. I also have a 2.6 GHz Intel processor with 8 Gigs of memory.


      The problem occurs in Edge Animate after I have copied and pasted a few design objects, such as rectangles and buttons, with and without code. I have tried the keyboard shortcut, using the menu bar (Edit--Copy) and also using Paste--Special--Paste All. All of these methods cause the same problem, which is an item not appearing at all on the stage, but it shows up in the timeline, and the wrong item being pasted (the last one that successfully copied to the clipboard), and this item will show up in the program but it will NOT show up in the browser, both in preview mode and just looking at the html file. I have searched the Apple forums saying that there are problems with the clipboard not working in Yosemite, but no answers to the problem except for restarting the computer. The only thing that works for me however is turning the computer off entirely, a restart will not solve the problem. This problem did not occur in the earlier version of Edge Animate, but I did have the crashing while trying to paste, and for no reason at all. At least that seems to have been fixed!


      Any suggestions and experiences are appreciated!