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    [CC-2015 v11.0.0.72] Duplicating text with table containing graphic in graphicCell will crash InDesign

    Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      Hello all,

      I want to share a bug with you, that is not only present in the GUI*, but also with scripting.


      Some text in a text frame containg a table.

      The table consists at least of one cell with cellType CellTypeEnum.GRAPHIC_TYPE_CELL.

      The contents of that cell is a graphic frame populated with an image.


      Now duplicate the text (together with the table) to a different text frame's insertion point using the method duplicate().

      InDesign CC-2015 v11.0.0.72 will crash immediately.

      InDesign will not crash, if the graphic cell will not contain any image.


      Link to cellType enmueration:

      InDesign ExtendScript API (11.0)


      *To test the bug in the GUI you have to enable "Drag 'n' drop" text editing in layout view (Preferences > Type).

      Select some text including the table, hold the ALT key and drag a duplicate of the selected text to a new insertion point.

      InDesign will crash as well.

      Duplicate the text frame containing the table, use method move() to move the text with the table to the desired insertion point, remove the duplicated text frame.