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    installing adobe forum every 2-4 weeks


      Why does Adobe Forum need to be installed every 2-4 weeks?  I do not trust the "install automatically" option, so I wanted to know how often they would be installing.  It is every 2-4 weeks!!!!  Why?!?!?  What could be so new or in need  of updating every 2-4 weeks?  Does this seem strange or suspicious to anyone else?  Thank you for your time in answering my question.

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          chris.campbell Adobe Employee


          Here's a FAQ that might help: Flash Player installation and update questions and answers


          In particular, this section might be of interest to you:


          Once selected, most updates will occur in the background without requiring any interaction. For those regularly scheduled major update releases, you will be presented with an update notification dialog


          If you decide not to update, you will receive an automatic update within 45 days if you have the "Allow Adobe to install updates" option selected. Please note that when this update occurs, only Flash Player will be installed.


          The key here is that even if you don't update when we present the dialog, because you have selected the "Allow Adobe to install updates" option, we'll make sure you get the update, silently and automatically, within 45 days.


          Hope this helps,